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The Automatic Screenshot Journal

TimeSnapper runs in the background of your computer, taking screenshots of your desktop every few seconds all week long.

Latest Release Notes

Please see TimeSnapper Wiki Release Notes where the latest notes are stored.

Previous release notes are still available on this page. See below.

Previous Release Notes

Version 3.5, September 2009 Version 3.4, March 2009 Version 3.3, October 2008 Version, September 2008 Version, June 2008 Major version upgrade! Version 3.0, April 2008 Version 2.7, February 2008 Version 2.6.3, January 2008, minor bug fixes Version 2.6.2, January 2008, minor bug fixes Version 2.6.1, December 2007 Version 2.6, December 2007 Version 2.5, September 2007 Version 2.4.3, July 2007 Version 2.4, May 2007 Version 2.3, Feb 2007 Version 2.2, Jan 2007 Version 2.1, Dec 2006 Version 2.0, September 2006

Initial Release of TS Professional. Includes:

Version, July 2007 Version, July 2007 Version, Feb 2007 Version, Jan 2007 Version, Dec 2006 Version, July 2006 Version, May 2006 Version, March 2006
  • Feature:

    Due to users request (as always!:) two, behind the scenes, parameters can be set in TimeSnapper's configuration file (settings.ini).  They are:

    • TakeScreenshotAlsoWhenIdle (default false)
      This could be useful if you have some applications that are updating throughout the day and you want to take screenshots of them also while you are away.

    • SkipScreenshotIfChecksumSame (default false)
      This parameter is normally just useful in conjunction with the one above.  Since you don't want you're hard drive to fill up with redundant images you can set this parameter to True and TimeSnapper will compare the current screenshot with the one previously taken. 
    • We recommend turning off screensavers if you decide to use the two settings above.
    • Right click the image in the day browser and select "Image -> Open containing folder" to open explorer with the current image selected.
  • Bugfix:
    • Resolution couldn't be set below 50%
    • System.NullReferenceException in rare occasions fixed
  • Feature:
    • Added "View Options" menu item when right clicking the TimeSnapper's icon in the system tray
    • Multiple "Day browsers" can be opened through the use of
      TimeSnapper's tray icon 
  • Bugfix:
    • The "Browse Day" screen didn't not show up in the Taskbar:  "The other day I finally noticed I had several instances of the screen running, hidden from view by other screens"...

  • Bugfix:
    • When Windows was shutting down, TimeSnapper didn't close automatically, thereby cancelling the shutdown
  • Feature: 
    • Form's X button minimizes the application instead of closing it (like MSN Messenger)
  • Bugfix:
    • Overflow bug when maximum allowed space was greater the 2047 MB.  Now TimeSnapper allowes ca. 8000 GB which should be plenty for everybody :-)