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The Automatic Screenshot Journal

TimeSnapper runs in the background of your computer, taking screenshots of your desktop every few seconds all week long.

Feature Comparison: Professional to Classic

Feature Classic   Professional  
Take screenshots regularly Yes Yes
Choose how often Yes Yes
Choose the type of image Yes Yes
Choose the quality of the image Yes Yes
Choose which applications to record No Yes
Choose which applications not to record No Yes
Encrypt images to ensure privacy No Yes
Playback Features
Playback the images just like a movie Yes Yes
Playback as fast or slow as you want Yes Yes
Playback just one application at a time, if you wish No Yes
Archiving Options
Control how much hard-drive space you'll let TimeSnapper consume Yes Yes
Automatically delete images over a certain age (in days) Yes Yes
Disk space consumed report No Yes
Viewing Experience
Maintain aspect ratio No Yes
Zoom in/out of images No Yes
Delete selected screenshots No Yes
Edit and copy screenshots No Yes
Extract text directly out of the images you record No Yes
Program usage statistics No Yes
Productivity overview No Yes
Flags overview No Yes
Time spent in front of the computer No Yes
Disk space usage overview No Yes
Time Management
View statistics about your computer activity No Yes
Annotate your time No Yes
Add flags, notes and tasks, to visually pinpoint parts of your day No Yes
'Auto popup' -- assign time slices against tasks No Yes
General Features
Access TimeSnapper with global keyboard shortcut No Yes
Hot-Key to Record images on demand No Yes
Enhanced Performance due to embedded database No Yes
Search TimeSnapper to locate events No Yes
Search, View, Print and export details of computer usage No Yes
Request a feature... Go on! No Yes